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Transition Coordinating Councils

Pennsylvania’s transition community has a rich history of helping youth and young adults successfully transition from school to adult life. Since 1990 our state’s Local Transition Coordinating Councils (LTCCs) have played an instrumental role in this process. There are over 70 Local Transition Coordinating Councils (LTCCs) operating across Pennsylvania. With cross-stakeholder representation, many meet several times throughout the year to share information and resources. Some Councils hold interagency staffings to identify potential supports and services that may be available for transitioning youth. Others focus on the development and delivery of projects, products, and activities. For youth, families, and all other transition stakeholders, the LTCCs are a primary contact for local supports and resources related to secondary transition.

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Transition Coordinating Council

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The transition coordinating council assembles to address things such as:

  • Identifying what is and is not working with regard to transition opportunities
  • Problem solving as a team for those areas in which there can be improvement
  • Improve outreach efforts to youth, families, employers and agencies
  • Coordinating efforts across stakeholders
  • Increasing opportunities for youth to engage in transition activities
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Benefits To Joining A Local Transition Coordinating Council

There are many benefits to joining the local transition council in your area. By joining, you will learn:

  • Who the key players are working in transition in your community
  • What transition leaders in your community are doing to solve problems in the transition process for youth and families in your community
  • How different agencies, organizations, and schools work together to support the transition process of all transition age youth in your community
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How do Transition Coordinating Councils benefit students?

Shared Mission and Vision

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Coordinated Services

Agencies coordinate the services being offered.

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Solve Problems

Identifying and addressing the issues and barriers in the community to ensure all students with disabilities get the support they need.

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Understanding how agencies in the community work together to help students access what they need to reach their goals for work, school, and living independently.

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Increased Employment Experiences

Having access to experiences to prepare them for employment.

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