On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training allows a student the opportunity to get step-by-step instructions from a professional for how to do a specific skill at a job. On-the-Job Training can help a student feel more confident about completing job tasks and build the student’s professional knowledge of important skills for their dream career.

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What Does On-the-Job Training Include?

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A student can prepare for On-the-Job Training by:

  • Completing activities to identify which careers align with the student’s interests and goals
  • Identifying which skills are needed to succeed in the job the student wants
  • Setting up meetings with employers that offer on-the-job training
  • Scheduling time to participate in on-the-job training that matches the student’s school and life goals
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Take a look at this video on apprenticeship, a type of on-the-job training

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On-The-Job Training Can Also Include Apprenticeships

Sites can apply for funding to provide apprenticeships through Pa CareerLink.

  • The Pre-Apprentice and Apprenticeship Grant Program is a statewide program which offers assistance to registered apprenticeship programs
  • The program's goal is to increase apprenticeship availability to Pennsylvania employers to assist them with their talent recruitment and development
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What Can On-the-Job Training Do For Students?

When students map out action steps for their career goals and connect with employers who offer on-the-job training, they will gain:

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Career Options

Understanding how the students’ interests, preferences, and values align with various careers and explore employment opportunities.

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Career Experience

Working in real employment settings allows students to learn the skills and knowledge required to complete work tasks, provides opportunities to socialize with others, and practice time management.

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Paid Employment

Students receive pay for the skills and knowledge they provide to an employer.

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Learning and mastering skills students need to gain independence and feel confident about the work they are doing.

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Check out OVR’s website for more information for on-the-job training.



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