Job Coaching Services

A Job Coach can work with students at their workplaces to learn specific job tasks, until the students can successfully meet their employer’s expectations.

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What Can Job Coaching Services Include?

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Working with a Job Coach can provide the student with:

  • One-on-one training in the work environment
  • Strategies for breaking down complicated tasks at work
  • Opportunities to practice workplace communication skills and manage professional friendships with coworkers
  • Assistance in ensuring coworkers and supervisors understand and respect the student’s strengths and needs
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Take a look at an example of job coaching at work

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OVR’s Supported Employment Services

The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) funded Supported Employment Services are intended for students to be successful and achieve stability in competitive integrated employment. Supported Employment Services begin prior to finding a job, continue during initial employment, and finish after the students have achieved stability on the job.

  • Services will be provided in a variety of formats to best meet the needs of the students
  • A Supported Employment plan is individualized to the students
  • Orientation to the job is provided by the job coach so the students understand job duties and employer expectations
  • Support provided by the job coach to ensure a positive adjustment to time management, coworker relations, and job tasks
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What Can Job Coaching Services Do For Students?

Transition teams should consider the benefits of job coaching for each student.

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Task Strategies

Knowledge on how to break down complicated job tasks into smaller, manageable steps that students can complete independently.

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Job Skills

Learn how to complete work tasks required of the job in a way that meets the employer’s expectations.

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Social Skills

Knowledge of how to succeed in job interviews, work on a team effectively, and handle conflicts with coworkers.

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Job Experience

Real-world, paid work experience in the students’ field of interest.

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