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Community Agency Nights About Employment

Community agency nights about employment are events designed for students to talk to professionals and gain information on programs and services in their area, as well as to learn about the needed skills to get started or stay on the path towards employment.

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What typically occurs at an agency night about employment

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While local events may differ, common components include opportunities for students and families to learn about:

  • Programs, services, and activities the agencies offer
  • Available career exploration activities that match a student’s strengths, goals, interests, and needs
  • Opportunities outside of the school to gain specific job and interview skills
  • Adult services, programs, and activities for employment that are available after high school
  • The documents needed to apply for programs that match their secondary transition planning
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The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) is just one of many local and state agencies in place to help students with disabilities gain employment. Hear the stories of students who have benefited from having OVR as part of their transition planning

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How to Start an Agency Night?

PASmart is a stepping stone in providing rehabilitation professionals support you throughout the entire job search process – from exploring careers and building student resumes, applying and interviewing for jobs.

  • Schedule a planning group to coordinate a community agency night about employment
  • Invite Agencies that help in the development of work skills, how to apply for jobs, and get students hired
  • Work with students to develop a portfolio to keep information organized
  • Click here for more information on PASmart.
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What Can Community Agency Informational Nights Do For Students?

Students receive many benefits in one experience:

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Programs, Services and Activities

All Stakeholders and transitions teams learn about the different agencies and what services that can provide.

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Career Exploration Activities

Help students find out what agencies will provide career exploration activities and find out which jobs and careers match their strengths, goals, interests and needs.

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Adult Programing

Learn about what kinds of adult services, programs and activities for employment are available to you to when you graduate high school.

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How to Apply

Families and caregivers learn what documents are needed to apply services and programs to help make career goals a reality.

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