Secondary Transition planning

What is Secondary Transition?

Transition planning is a multistep process that guides a youth from high school into adult living after they leave school.

Planning begins at age 14, or younger if determined appropriately by the IEP team, and continues through high school as academic instruction and community experiences help clarify and support students’ goals.

Post-Secondary Preparing students

Post-Secondary Education

Preparing students to pursue their dreams of further education or training.

Employment Preparing all students


Preparing all students to be competitively employed or supported through the appropriate continuum of employment services.

Independent Living Fostering skills

Independent Living

Fostering skills for living independently in the community of their choice.

Understanding the Memorandum: OVR and BSE Working Together as One

This series will overview the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement between the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) and the Bureau of Special Education (BSE) pertaining to the provision of secondary transition services for students with disabilities. Throughout the series, participants will be introduced to tools for collaboration between OVR, BSE, Local Education Agencies (LEAs), youth, and families.

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Strong transition plans

Strong secondary transition plans start with effective transition practices within a school. By using the principles of Transition Discoveries, aligning efforts with the PA Career and Work Standards, and effectively collaborating with other transition stakeholders, educators are able to create ways for the transition team to develop and provide experiences to ensure that all young people with disabilities, families, and professionals are empowered to create a successful transition plan.

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Steps for Effective Annual Secondary Transition Planning

How to create an IEP aligned transition plan




Transition Plan for Assessment
Transition Plan for Present Level


Present Levels



Measurable Post-School Goals

Transition Plan for Measurable Post School Goals
Transition Plan for The Grid


The Grid



Measurable Annual Goals and Progress Monitoring

Transition Plan for Measurable Annual Goals and Progress Monitoring

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