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The Pennsylvania Community on Transition is a group comprised of various stakeholders from across Pennsylvania who work collaboratively to ensure appropriate transition outcomes for Pennsylvania youth and young adults with disabilities. The team consists of representatives from the State Departments of Education, Health, Labor and Industry, and Human Services; Various Youth-Serving Agencies; Young Adults; Parent Organizations; Advocates; Higher Education; and Employers.

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The PA Secondary Transition website will be continually updated with the latest transition events and resources for youth, young adults, parents, and professionals to assist in facilitating a young person’s progress towards post-secondary goals related to education, employment, and community living.

Planning for the Future with....

Project guides transition

Transition Discoveries

The Transition Discoveries Project guides transition planning with 9 research-based indicators and 55 sub-indicators. Each indicator includes definitions, characteristics, outcomes, and meaningful stories told by youth, families, and transition stakeholders.

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Aligned IEPs

Pennsylvania's goal is to be 100% compliant with Indicator 13 - measurable, annually updated IEP goals and appropriate transition assessment, services, and courses. With the use of the indicator 13 checklist, support of local Intermediate Units and the PaTTAN online course, we can reach the target together.

Engaged planning process

Engaged Students & Families

Involving students, families, and caretakers from the very start of the transition planning process with transition assessments, services, and activities that develop skills needed for positive post-secondary outcomes is essential.

Agency smooth transition

Agency and Stakeholder Involvement

Engaging the right stakeholders in the planning process ensures a smooth transition from school to adult services.

collaboration leads

Effective collaboration leads to aligned goals, enhanced self-advocacy skills, increased family engagement in transition planning, and an increase in students achieving competitive integrated employment after high school.

Shared Vision and Goals

The shared vision and common goals of the Pennsylvania Community on Transition are achieved when students:

    • Successfully transition to the role of productive and participating adult citizens
    • Are empowered to recognize their talents, strengths, and voice
    • Have equal access to resources that will promote their full participation in the communities of their choice
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Post-Secondary Preparedness

The PA Community on Transition sets goals annually and identifies targeted products and projects to support post-secondary preparedness.

PA Community on Transition Conference

Each year, the community hosts a conference to provide updated training and resources to support secondary transition.

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Collaborative Training Efforts

The PA Community on Transition provides cross-agency training opportunities to support secondary transition efforts in Pennsylvania.

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PA Department of Education

Watch this video to learn more about the interagency agreement known as the Memorandum of Understanding. This agreement is between the PA Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education, and Pennsylvania’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

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